Dimensional Model – Some Little information about…

              Dimensional Modeling

Elements that make up a Dimensional Model:

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Introdução a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP)

filo01_Cartoonized_4Baseado em texto de Diwakar Kasibhotla

Em Bases de Dados MPP – Massively Parallel Processing (Processamento Paralelo Massivo), bancos de dados são particionados em vários servidores ou nós, com cada servidor / nó tendo memória / processador para processar dados localmente. Toda a comunicação é através de uma interconexão de rede – não há compartilhamento no nível do disco ou contenção para se preocupar (ou seja, é uma arquitetura sem compartilhamento – ‘shared-nothing’).

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Design Tip #180 The Future Is Bright

Data warehousing has never been more valuable and interesting than it is now. Making decisions based on data is so fundamental and obvious that the current generation of business users cropped-cropped-filo01_cartoonized_42.jpgand data warehouse designers/implementers can’t imagine a world without access to data. I’ll resist the urge to tell stories about what it was like before 1980. By Ralph Kimball  © Kimball Group. All rights reserved.

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Design Tip #179 Key Tenets of the Kimball Method

cropped-cropped-filo01_cartoonized_42.jpgMost of the guidance in the Kimball method for designing, developing, and deploying a DW/BI system is just that: guidance. There are hundreds or thousands of rules in the Kimball Group’s many books, and I confess to having bent many of those rules over the decades, when faced with conflicting goals or unpleasant political realities.
 By Joy Mundy – © Kimball Group. All rights reserved.

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Design Tip #178 Tried and True Concepts for DW-BI Success

Time marccropped-cropped-filo01_cartoonized_42.jpghes on and soon the collective retirement of the Kimball Group will be upon us. At the end of 2015 we will all retire. In my final Design Tip, I would like to share the perspective  for DW/BI success I’ve gained from my 26 years in the data warehouse/business intelligence industry. By Bob Becker – © Kimball Group. All rights reserved.

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Design Tip #177 Final Word of the Day: Collaboration

By Margy Ross© Kimball Group. All rights reserved.

For cropped-filo01_cartoonized_4.jpgmy final Design Tip, I’m returning to a fundamental theme that’s not rocket science, but too often ignored: business-IT collaboration. If you buy into the proposition that the true measure of DW/BI success is business acceptance of the deliverables to improve their decision-making, then buying into the importance of collaboration should be easy. Achieving business adoption is a pipedream if the IT resources on a DW/BI team don’t collaborate with their business counterparts. Likewise, the business needs to be willing to collaborate with IT.

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Design Tip #175 There is No Database Magic

An ever-growing set of data storage technologies offer advantages to the data warehouse architect that look pretty magical. How can you figure out what to do? Should you stick to the tried-and-true relational cropped-cropped-filo01_cartoonized_42.jpgdatabases to host your data warehouse? Should you use cubes? Or should you move to the latest and greatest data management solutions like the massively parallel processing (MPP) or columnar solutions? Or to the cloud?   By Joy Mundy  © Kimball Group. All rights reserved.

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